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Tunisia Desert – Sahara

Tunisia… Tunisia is not only Djerba, all inclusive hotels and riding on a camel for 10 dinars. Tunisia is also Chot el-Jerid, salty lake that was once a bay of the Mediterranean Sea. Tunisia are unspoiled old villages in the mountainous north –west side with rivers and waterfalls. Tunisia is endless olive groves. Tunisia is the archaeological-historical book with a very well preserved old buildings, the rocky desert with berberian houses in the underworld, and finally the “eastern erg” part of the biggest world desert the Sahara. And just there we are going to. Among the red sand dunes is the oasis of Ksar Ghilane, across the southern slopes of the Salt Lake are the finest white dunes and to the extreme south of Borj el Khadra where are the borders of Libya, Algeria and Tunisia. After you spend a week among the dunes without any contact with civilization until then you start to realize what it is Sahara.

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