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Ukraine – All Crimea

Do you want to make a fascinating journey along the Crimea by the off-road car? But you do not like a long way on your own car through Europe and Ukraine? We can help you. All you need is to arrive by plane to Simferopol. Directly at the airport you will be met by our representatives and he will give you the key of the Jeep Wrangler car, which will be designed for you for all the time until you will travelling along the Crimea. Your journey, along the Crimea, begins right from the parking place near the airport.

Program – Along the Crimea

Seasonality of the travel – any time of year.
Types of roads on the route: asphalt, gravel, dirt (no cover).
Duration – 7 days.

The cost of travel along the Crimea is 890 EUR* per person, is provided that:
- in the group – 10 tourists in 5 cars (2 tourist in a car);
- representative of the organization is in one of the cars with tourists (perhaps as a driver).
If a representative of the organization will escort the group with a separate vehicle, the cost of travel will increased of 300 EUR for the whole group.

* Note. Transport and other costs from the accommodation to the airport Simferopol are not included in the cost of travel along the Crimea.

Day 1 (arrival)

Arrival to the airport of Simferopol.
Meeting with our representative. Deliverability of the contract for your rental car (the contract will be sent to you in advance by email). Getting the key of the Jeep Wrangler car, which will be designed for you during your trip along the Crimea. Journey to Alushta. Accommodation in the hotel.
Depending on arrival time, there are two possibilities:
1. In case of arrival at the end of the day – dinner at the hotel, rest.
2. 2. In case of arrival at the early in the day – a trip to the Ai-Yori mountain source in the valley of St. George. Near the source is located of the sanctuary Tauri (Tauri are the people who lived in the mountainous regions of the Crimea from 6 century BC to 1 century AD). The sanctuary was demolished by the Italians during the Crimean War of 1853-1856, which stood at this location patrol. The program also includes bath under a waterfall with a cool and healthy water and barbecue for dinner. Return to the hotel.

Day 2

(The route of the second day: Alushta – Sudak – Novy Svet – Alushta)
Breakfast in the hotel.
Journey to Sudak along a winding mountain road along the sea coast. In Sudak – the walking tour in the Genoese fortress built by the Italians in the 14-15 centuries.
Lunch in the restaurant.
In the Novy Svet – the walk along the Golitsyn path and the tour to the cellars of Novy Svet factory of sparkling wines.
Return to Alushta.
Dinner at the hotel or in the restaurant.

Day 3
(The route of the third day: Alushta – Jur-Jur Waterfall – Kara-Tau Mountain – Karabi-Yaila Plateau – Alushta)
Breakfast in the hotel.
Journey to Jur-Jur Waterfall – the most full-flowing waterfall of Crimea. The height of the waterfall is 17 meters waterfall is situated at an altitude of 468 meters above sea level, in the picturesque valley of Hap-Hal. (Note: From the car parking to the waterfall, you have to walk about one kilometer along equipped mountain trail). After visiting the waterfall you need go up to the river. Here, a few hundred meters from the waterfall, are the natural bath (“Bath of Youth”), located under the 3 – 5 meters high cascades. Bathing in the “bath of youth” will give you the jocundity and energy.
Picnic lunch near a mountain source Ai-Alexis.
Journey to the summit of the Kara-Tau (1220 m). Then descend to the Karabi plateau (the average height of the plateau about 1,000 meters above sea level), cross the plateau and go back to Alushta via the Privetninsky Pass.
Dinner at the hotel or in the restaurant.

Day 4
(The route of the fourth day: Alushta – Ai-Petri mountain pass – Crimean Grand Canyon – Ai-Petri Yaila – Baydarsky mountain pass – Foros Church – Alushta)
Breakfast in the hotel.
Journey to Yalta along the sea coast. Then we journey on the mountain serpentine through Ai-Petri mountain pass to Crimean Grand Canyon. A short walking tour of the canyon.
Lunch in the restaurant.
Then we journey along Ai-Petri plateau to Baydarsky mountain pass and later in Foros church. After visiting the church we go back to Alushta.
Dinner at the hotel or in the restaurant.

Day 5
(The route of the fifth day: Alushta – Mountain Chatyr-Dag – Marble Cave – Plateau Demerdzhi-Yaila – Alushta)
Breakfast in the hotel.
Journey to lower plateau of Mountain Chater-Dag. On the territory of the plateau, is located more than 2,000 caves, of which about 150 was investigated, and 3 equipped. The most famous – a “Marble” Cave that entered the top 5 most beautiful caves in the world. Length of stay under the ground, is 60-70 min. Then a short trip along the plateau.
Lunch in the restaurant.
Journey to summit of Demerdzhi Mountain through the famous Valley of the Ghosts. Then cross the Plateau Demerdzhi-Yaila and go back to Alushta.
Dinner at the hotel or in the restaurant.

Day 6
(The route of the sixth day: Alushta – the Crimean Nature Reserve – Alushta)
Breakfast in the hotel.
Journey to the Crimean Nature Reserve. First stop – the trout farm, which has ponds on the left side of the mountain river Alma. Second stop – Cosmo-Damian monastery. Not far from the monastery in the mountains begins the Romanovsky highway – one of the most beautiful roads of the Southern coast of Crimea. You will journey on the road, built in 1913 at the personal request of the Emperor Nicholas II. Continuing the route you drive to the Nikita Pass (1448 meters above sea level) – this is the highest point of the roads of the Crimea. Here begins the descent and the road leads to the cordon “Red Stone” (1350 meters above sea level), with the observation platform which you will see a pearl resorts of Crimea – Massandra Palace – Yalta.
Lunch in the restaurant.
Journey to Alushta.
Return of the rented car.Leisure time.
Dinner at the hotel or in the restaurant.

Day 7 (departure)
Breakfast in the Hotel. Transfer to airport of Simferopol.

Notice. If you for any reason (flight schedules, a desire to continue to rest on their own, etc.) want to change the number of days of Program, or you have any preferences for examination place of interest of the Crimea and of the routes, then we are ready to make a new Program under the your requirements.

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